Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today is What Counts

It is our choices that show what we truly are,
far more than our abilities. ~ J.K. Rowling

First, THANK YOU to those of you who commented yesterday. I appreciate your support more than I can express. If nothing else, it feels SO good to know that I can say what I said and know that someone understands all the crazy, mixed-up feelings this journey creates.

I am feeling like the sun is shining a bit more today. I certainly know I'm not out of the woods and will face the same issue - do I want to do this or not? - again and again. But for today, I am feeling a bit more like my old optimistic self.

You know what tipped the scale (pardon the expression)? It was a conversation I'd overheard the day before. I attended an all-day planning retreat for my Master Gardener program. At one point, two women sitting by me began talking about their workouts and how one woman was just beginning a Pilate's class. Turns out that one of the women is a personal trainer. Also turns out that both these women are right around my age - and they look fabulous!

As I listened to them, I found myself thinking, "Yeah, I used to walk every single day... I used to work out with a trainer twice a week... I used to weigh 50 pounds less than I do now." But as I drove home from the meeting, I had to face the fact that what I USED to do a few years ago and what I MAY do tomorrow really don't count for much when it comes to being healthy. The only thing that truly matters is what I do TODAY.

So after I posted that poor-me entry yesterday, I put on my shoes, pulled out my iPod, and went for what turned out to be a brisk 45-minute walk. I also kept the commitment I'd made at the previous nights' weigh in: to track my food no matter what I ate. I was accountable and I kept my promise to myself. It's amazing how good that can feel.

It's a new day, a fresh start. My friend Rosemary is coming in about an hour so we can walk this morning. One foot in front of the other, and one day at a time. It sounds like a cliché, but it's sure true for me.

Until next time...


Hanlie said...

Well done on your walk... Sometimes we simply have to stop thinking about it and just DO it! (((Hugs)))

Scale Junkie said...

I wish I could just reach through this computer screen and give you a HUGE hug!!

I'm so proud of you for walking and for being an inspiration to so many others!

RunningNan said...

AWESOME! Keep on walking!

HappyBlogChick said...


There are moments that our brain just shifts ... you hear something or read something or just come to a realization. These little moments can change our lives. I hope this was that moment for you.

It certainly can be that moment, if you want it to be.


Kathy said...

Hey! Two thumbs up! Good for you.

Ready Maid said...

WoooHOOO!!! Count me in with Scale Junkie for the group hug. You are SO special, and a great asset to this marvelous support group. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Im so glad to read that you are feeling a little more optomistic today. I read yesterday's post and could completely empathize. I think this is a cyclical journey for most of us. There will be good and bad days. And I bet if we tracked them we could see a pattern. I sincerely believe you will find what works for you. Thanks for the honest posts.

Lora said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. I know EXACTLY how you felt in your last post. (Were you in my head?)

It is a decision that we have to make daily. Sometimes it's so darn hard though - to make the right one.

Keep taking those walks (have I mentioned how LUCKY you are to live a sunny state where you can do that everyday!) It's 6 degrees here right now ~ BRRR!

Idaho Quilter said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I will add you to my blog roll. I recently lost 26, my goal now is not to gain it back. It is a struggle every day. Keep it up it will pay off.

Lawraw said...

Here is a jagnormous virtual hug - oohhhh ahhhhh!

Would you be interested in adopting a HEALTHY guided plan? Because there are many that range from RAW to Juicing to eating organic with the basis being to detox your poisoned system first.

Here are my 2 cents worth of wisdom (teachers are full of wisdom ya know):

Google, read book reviews, testimonials etc. and try to find a leader you respect. Your health is worth it! Look at what Hanlie is doing. The bottom line for me was to DETOX the sludge out of my system and reintroduce only organic RAW and slightly cooked foods. I am about 70 - 80% faithful and loving the results. The detox part is awful but once over the hump (the mountain), it's quite easy. The book EAT TO LIVE spoke to me after my search three years ago.

You have a beautiful blogworld support system to help you along! Another virtual hug (VH) ~ LawRaw

Katschi said...

Hi Pattie!
Didn't that walk invigorate you?
I know that other people can inspire us to change but it's also dangerous if we compare ourselves to others too if it means that we feel demeaned. I'm happy you took it for a desire to change.
You picked me up when I was feeling the same way...Don't you DARE give up on yourself! {{hugs}}

Lillian said...

You're motivating me to take a walk. My thighs hurt from working out too hard on Tuesday, but now they feel stronger than before. By working out too hard, I learn that my body is very forgiving and I decided to do an easier work out and work up to doing that more thigh exercises.

After I put my laundry into the dryer, I'll go on a walk. I might take public transportation. The closest bus stop is close to two miles from my house. There and back is quite a workout considering the number of hills.