Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be Good to Your Sweet Heart

When your heart speaks, take good notes.
~ Judith Campbell

Happy Valentine's Day!

What gifts are you going to give your sweet heart today? I'm not talking about your mate or the person you're wooing. I'm literally talking about your heart - your very tender, very vulnerable sweet heart.

Today and for the rest of the year, I'm going to give my heart gifts that are both literal and figurative.

First, I'm going to literally give my heart the gift of good health. I've walked two out of the last three days, and have a date with Rosemary to head out again this morning. Walking my way toward Alaska is a huge present that will help my heart be stronger! Watching my intake of saturated and trans fats will add to the gift. Throw in lots of fruits and veggies and my gift basket overflows.

But my heart needs other kinds of gifts, as well, and I plan to listen when my heart tells me to follow my passions:

I want to spend time quilting with beautiful fabrics of all kinds, which feeds my senses on so many levels. I'm currently taking a fifteen-week quilting class with a teacher who says there are no mistakes: it's all part of the creative process. I like her thinking!

When I discovered quilting last summer, I neglected my poor garden, and my heart is telling me it's time to spend time playing in the dirt again. I have a new spot available this year to plant flowers and herbs. It's countdown time to warm weather.

It's important to my heart that I spend time with friends and loved ones, keeping those social connections strong. Other people feed my spirit in ways I can't accomplish alone. I want to add new volunteer efforts as well.

My heart also needs quiet time, to read, to write and to try meditation. Most importantly, I need the quiet time to reflect on my blessings and keep gratitude in my heart.

What is your sweet heart telling you it needs today and for the rest of the year? Take time to listen, and don't forget to take good notes!

Until next time...


RunningNan said...

I like this post! This is way better than new years resolutions! I'm going to think about this some more and get back to you!

Scale Junkie said...

So wonderful! Its so important that we take care of our hearts because our hearts take such good care of us. I love this post!!

HappyBlogChick said...

Wonderful post!

My heart says "run!" because it really didn't like the high cholesterol I had mid last year. It also says "keep up the eating well!" for the same reason.

My heart also says "it's time for a change." Which I've been yammering about on my blog for the past two days. Thanks for listening to me!

Felicia said...

This is a WONDERFUL post and a SUPER idea!!

I gave my heart a huge gift this past 2 years of removing the huge amount of poundage I was so cruelly and selfishly making it carry. Now I am working on the emotional side of my heart and doing good things for me(it). Great post!!


Anonymous said...

YaY Pattie!! Life is good when the heart is happy!! Love you.

Grumpy Chair said...

I gave my heart a couple of pieces of dark chocolate - oy.

Later this evening around 6:30, I will give it a little walk on the treadmill.

sweetnsaurer said...

Hi Pattie, so sorry to hear about the ending of your daily quotes, I have often shared them with friends and clients and I know your wisdom and support are greatly appreciated by many. I will continue to remain a faithful reader through your blog. Wishing you wonderful success in your new adventures!
Chari S
P.S. still miss your inspiration at WW.

Lora said...

What a great post!

And I too...wish I lived in sunny California so I could walk with you. We'd sure have some great conversations!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, Pattie! I am one of those people who throws herself into a new passion and forgets to do everything else. So your words about your garden getting neglected when you discovered quilting made me smile. I did the exact same thing years ago. Quilted all summer long. Same with knitting and sewing on other years. Good thing my DH took over some of the work so it still looked beautiful enough out there.