Sunday, February 10, 2008

Because Kindness Matters

Wherever there is a human being,
there is an opportunity for a kindness. ~ Seneca

A few days ago, Mary over at Confessions of a Craft Addict posted a challenge that I'm taking on. Will you join me? She wants us to "Share the Love” this month.

Here are the rules:

1. Do a little something sweet for someone who would not expect it, by March 1.

That's it! Tough, eh? NOT!

Think of the little things you can do that will make someone's day, then do it. Tell a woman you pass on the street that she looks great in the color she's wearing... offer to take someone's cart back inside for them at the grocery store... leave a note under someone's windshield, telling them to have a great day. The list could go on and on, and not one of them will cost us a dime. But the payback will feel terrific!

So waddya say? During this week of candy hearts and flowers, will you Share the Love with someone who doesn't expect it? Let's let Mary know that we're up to her challenge!


P.S. To those of you who wrote, complementing me on the photo of my log cabin quilt block in my last post... I must confess: it's not mine. I "borrowed" it from the Internet, to show you an example of what I was working on when the analogy of getting healthy struck. But I promise that when my log cabin block is done, I'll post it here. Stay tuned...

Until next time...


Ready Maid said...

Share the love...sounds great!! Count me in.

And the log cabin quilt block is awesome. I've always admired quilters; and in fact, someone told me quilters comprise the largest annual convention in America - something like 50,000 people!

Interesting that the only difference between 'quilt' and 'quit' is one letter - L, for love. It's the love for yourself and others that keeps the pattern stitched together!

Have a great week.

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

I like it! It's a nice way to change the focus of the one day this single girl loves to hate. :)

Scale Junkie said...

Excellent post Pattie! I really believe we can all make a difference one person at a time.