Thursday, April 17, 2008

But It Was On Sale, Dear

When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping.
Men invade another country. ~ Elayne Boosler

I ran into a sale yesterday.

Normally, I can bypass the BUY ME! BUY ME! urge, but not this time. It was quilting fabric, you see. On sale. That's kind of rare in my neck of the woods, where we normally pay about $10 a yard. My quilt shop had a small selection on sale for half off.

It was that darn paisley on the left that sucked me in. Isn't it gorgeous? It called my name! And of course, it can't go home alone... it needed some complimentary fabrics to keep it company (or so I tried to explain to my husband.)

I have no idea what I'll do with it, although I plan to add a few more colors from my stash of fabric: some greens, golds, and a black or two. I'll have to think about a design.

But first, I have to finish a quilt I'm working on for a dear friend in Salt Lake City. But that has to wait until I finish the blocks for the class I'm currently taking. Then I can play with the paisley.

So much wonderful fabric, so little time!

Ah, it's good to have a passion other than eating. :-)

Until next time...


Hanlie said...

You are now officially a member of my family! We are legendary for hoarding fabric! I have enough fabric in a cupboard for a whole new wardrobe! My mother is the seamstress and her hands are never idle!

They are beautiful!

Scale Junkie said...

I think its wonderful that you've found something you're passionate about that you can work on and it keeps your hands so busy they can't eat! AND not only do you end up making something gorgeous, you make your body more gorgeous from the inside out!

RunningNan said...

I love those! I can imagine what a quilt would look like! You tell him that you can turn around and sell them one day!

weelittleme said...

Oh I definitely understand. I used to have a hard core fabric addiction that was made worse by the fact that I worked in a fabric store.

It is a beautiful combo of fabrics though and you are right that the paisley is lovely.

Clare said...

You are officially a quilter! Welcome to the world of fabric obsession!

Kathy said...

Those are lovely fabrics! You need no excuse at all to being drawn to them!

jillytacy said...

You can never have enough fabric! Men don't understand this. I love the paisley too and would have been compelled to bring it home.
Also thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my sling bag. I finished the tutorial for the sling bag. Here's at link: