Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Attitude of Gratitude

We often take for granted the very things
that most deserve our gratitude. ~Cynthia Ozick

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, it was a real challenge this past week to make note of three things I was grateful for every day. Not because I’m not grateful, but because it’s hard to remember to do it! But it was a good lesson on staying conscious of all the positives things around me.

Here are a few things I was grateful for last week:

* How good a hot shower feels.
* That I have a patient quilting teacher who believes nothing is a mistake, only a learning experience.
* That my husband made it safely home from his business trip to France.
* How fabulous fresh blackberries taste.
* For the United States Attorneys who present cases to us every Friday, for defending what is right.
* The love of my husband.
* For the high-school-aged bagger at the grocery store who told me that he tutors other students in math (there is hope for the next generation!)
* My friends in AAUW, and in the Master Gardener program.
* For a cat who adores me (our dog adores my husband.)
* A warm bed on a chilly night.

These are just a few of positive things I noted (sorry, some are just too private to share!) Even now, typing them out here makes me feel incredibly lucky to be living the life I live. I am blessed!

How about you? Do you think it might help your outlook on life if you started to focus on what’s right in your life instead of what’s wrong? It’s easy to come up with a long list of everything that makes us unhappy, including our own behavior: I know I’m really good at making a mental note of the mistakes I make. But how about the things we do well?

Why not start now? If you leave a comment, make note of at least one thing you’re grateful for today. Let’s develop an attitude of gratitude in Blogland!

Until next time…


Hanlie said...

I love my life... I have so much to be grateful for! My quote for the day was also about gratitude today.

Thanks for reminding us again, Pattie!

RunningNan said...

I would have to say that I am grateful for finding such a wonderful group of people in blogland!

Ready Maid said...

Great idea, Pattie-boo! I'm grateful to have made it home safetly (through some pretty serious storms yesterday) to my healing husband, loving in-laws, a peaceful home and caring HTC friends like you.

Irish Mom said...

I am grateful for my family and the decision to start gettiing healthy!!

Lora said...

I'm grateful for my health (and so many other things!)

Scale Junkie said...

This is something I'm coming to terms with. I have lost so much in my life over the past few years that I spent a lot of time dwelling on what I had lost, my husband constantly pushes me to look at the good and focus on that instead of the bad. Yes the bad is still bad but I have a roof over my head, food to cook and eat daily and a warm bed to sleep in at night and thats so much more than millions of people in the world, for these blessings, I'm grateful.

40 by 40 said...

This stuff is so important--I forget to go it sometimes too..and it's important to remember to do it! Thank you for the reminder. I am grateful for my parents, my husband,my children and my doggie. They all enrich my life sooooooo much.

Kathy said...

Great list...and I would add that I'm grateful for your posts. They always leave me thinking and feeling positive. Thanks!

HappyBlogChick said...

I am grateful that you stopped by my blog and welcomed me back. It means a lot to me to know that people out here in blogland really do care. Thank you!

What a wonderful post (again!).