Wednesday, July 30, 2008

One Step Forward

Dreams and dedication are a powerful combination.
~ William Longgood

Thanks to all of you who posted words of encouragement yesterday. I sure appreciate being able to write out all the conflicting emotions that were going on inside my head over the tutoring experience. I'm feeling much calmer about it today, after speaking yesterday to the folks who run the literacy program. I am prepared now to go back tonight and give Mark the help he needs -- at the more advanced level he's at. It's all good!

MizFit hit the nail on the head when she left a comment, asking about my almost-overwhelming need to hit a fast food joint after I tutored. She wondered if I knew what triggered it:

... the overwhelmingness of the situation/experience? ( I so felt that when I tutored. prepared to help and yet felt wholly inadequate at times...)

That's exactly the feeling had when I left the Work Furlough facility. So anxious, so conflicted. But I did not give in to the siren call of fast food because I knew I was looking for comfort that food could not bring me. I just wanted the anxiety I was feeling to stop, and that's not on the menu at Taco Bell (think of the fortune they'd make, if it were!) Instead, I was comforted by my hubby when I got home, had my fears allied by the folks at the literacy program, and I got lots of support from everyone here in blogland! Thank you.

AND I'm very proud to report that I lost another 2.5 pounds last night at weigh in. That's 8.5 pounds in three weeks. I am one happy camper!

We CAN do whatever we set our minds to!

Until next time...


Needled Mom said...

Yahoo!!!! Great job, Pattie.

I so enjoyed reading you tutoring experience. Too bad you could not post pictures of his drawings. I'm glad that you didn't completely melt away. You would have scared him to death.

Rayann said...

Congrats on everything! I knew you could do it. It's easy to pull into a fast food joint and easy the feelings, isn't it? said...

Hey, Neighbor! I have been reading your blog for a couple weeks, in an effort to get some motivation, and I had to laugh. I've been a volunteer for a literacy program here in my hometown, and I even worked for a Work Furlough program as a county employee...and...!! Hey!..You live in my neck o'the woods!!

I'm enjoying your blog, and your success. Today I'm embarking on the Dr. Oz program, and starting by getting a walk with the dogs...

Wish me luck! and feel free to contact me via my blog if you want to compare Ventura CA notes!! :)

MizFit said...

KUDOS on the loss & being so selfperceptive as well (and for your shoutout).

I love Rosie, too.


Kathy said...

Look at you losing all that weight! Super...super...super!!!

Katschi said...

The Amazing Melting Pattie!
Congrats, girl!!!
I love how you worded that Taco Bell doesn't have that on the menu. Gold. lol
Each time you/we avoid pulling in to the fast food window to ease discomfort we get stronger. I'm sure hubby was pleased to not be outdone by a taco, too! I'm sure he was glad to listen.
Have fun tonight! He's probably really looking forward to seeing you!

JC said...

Pattie, I'm so proud of you. I would have hit the first fast food place I came to and wolfed the food down in five minutes. I would be completely out of my comfort zone in trying to tutor. I think it is a great thing your doing. I've got some blog catching up but it is good to be back. Blessings, JC

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't 2.5 pounds of sweat???
Congrats, Pattie and good luck tonight!

Deborah said...

WOOHOO! Another 2.5 pounds! You are doing awesomly (is that a word?).

My thougts will be with you tonight.

new*me said...

woo-hoo congrats Pattie! You are knockin' those pounds right off of ya! I love the pic today

divamentors said...

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Cammy said...

Great loss and a great rebound from the jitters of the day before!

ptg said...

GREAT JOB on the weight loss!!!!

I'm a little late to reading (just read the confliction post now) but I'm glad you worked it through. You defintely got a little stronger and had a definite NSV, IMO.

Great job hon, you deserve it.

Kelli said...

Woohoo! Great job, Pattie! I'm so happy for you!

Midlife Mom said...

You rock girl! What a great post, it is so encouraging for me as I try to lose some weight and am a real stress eater. I almost had a hot flash just thinking of you having to deal with one in your tutoring session! lol! The snowman picture is so cute!!! It sounds like Mark is getting his head together and really wants to make something of himself. You are going to be such a wonderful mentor for him. That was so sweet that he got his pictures to show you!!

MizFit said...

just checking in...seeing if youre still Rosie today.

(ooh. thats a pun, yes? kind of? no? Im tired...)


jillytacy said...

Congrats to you on resisting temptation and for bringing about more weight loss with your healthy eating and positive attitude!!

As a teacher there are times you don't know the answer or the right way to teach something. It's Ok! You research and find the answer or find a resource to help you, we aren't supposed to know it all. Really some times teaching is trial and error. You try till you find the right fit and the right method. I believe that there isn't one right way to teach, so you pick and choose from lots of places to customize for your student. You're going to be a great tutor and even if you feel like you're faltering at times it's ok! It's part of the trail and error and you'll learn from it and be a better tutor for it.