Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feeling Hopeful

A woman is like a tea bag.
You never know how strong she is
until she gets into hot water. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

First, I must tell you how overwhelmed I am by the outpouring of support I received from my "meltdown" post. Thank you to every one of you who took time to write some of the kindest, most compassionate words I've ever read.

I am feeling much better about this journey, and took some good steps yesterday to set my feet on the path to being well. The first step was getting rid of the unhealthy food I have allowed back into my life. The full container of ice cream (the real stuff) went down the garbage disposal, followed by two containers of full-fat/full-sugar coffee creamer (which I love, but I seem to drink more creamer than coffee in the morning.) I packed up the cookies, chips, and crackers, and sent them to work with hubby. His staff will gobble them up.

The next action step yesterday was writing down what I ate. As much as I fight doing this, I'm always amazed by the sense of calm I feel when I do it. Maybe it's a feeling of control? Maybe it's about focus? Whatever it is, it helps me to see what I've put in my mouth. I worked on adding more fruits and veggies into my day (who can say no a tomato picked fresh from the garden?) My food day was not "perfect," and I'm ok with that because it's one heckuva lot better than the day that preceded it!

One step, one day at a time.

* * * * *

When I led Weight Watcher meetings, I used to give away to my members a little bookmark I'd made with the ABC's of Successful Weight Loss. I think it applies to any goal we've set for ourselves, any time we're trying to make positive changes. I'm listing my thoughts here from three years ago, to remind me of what that smart woman back then knew:

Accept responsibility for your choices and actions.

Believe that you're worth the time and the effort.

Commit and don't quit until your dreams come true.

Here's to all of us living lives of good health and joy!

Until next time...


Needled Mom said...

Way to go, Pattie. I am so glad that it was a temporary meltdown for you.

Now you need to get cranking on that "Quilting Diet" where you sit at the machine all day and don't even think of food. Works great for me. Time to start that Celtic one.

Rayann said...

Hi Pattie,

I still have the ABC's you gave us in the meeting hanging up on my mirror. You're always in my thoughts!

Kathy said...

Lead on, Pattie, and perhaps some of us will step into line behind you!

You are eating tomatoes from your garden already??? I'm so jealous!

Sabine said...

Journaling my food intake makes me feel calm, too. It's like one more thing onto paper and off my menopausal mind.

I'm glad you are feeling better about your weight loss journey today. I like those ABCs!

Susie said...

Good for you Pattie! I'm so glad you've taken so positive steps and are feeling more positive and hopeful.
You are so worth it!!

Chubby Chick said...

Yay for these positive steps! Great idea getting rid of the ice-cream and other goodies/junk. I put a bowl of potato salad and some tortilla chips down the garbage disposal yesterday... and boy did it feel good! lol I figured I am not a human garbage disposal... and I was NOT going to eat any more of that stuff.

I love the ABC's! Thanks for sharing!

Cammy said...

That's the spirit! One step at a time, one day at a time.

NanaKaren said...

Pattie ~ It's great that you're back on track once again. I knew with your positive attitude that you would...there was no doubt in my mind. I like the ABC's about WW that you posted! Keeping you in my thoughts as you go forward with your plan!
Hugs, Karen

Katschi said...

The joy of living is that there's always a fresh new day to start over again.
Luv ya, Pattie :)

Manuela said...

I love it! That is a perfect way to put it.

Congrats on getting rid of what are no doubt trigger foods for all of us. I have nothing that I go crazy for in the house because I know there are times where I'll just eat, and eat, get the picture!

(ps thanks for the helpful tips--i like this because i can see updates now!)

Deborah said...

Wow! I'm so proud of you for getting rid of all the temptations in your freezer and cupboards!

I'm glad your positive attitude is back too :o)

Thanks for the ABC's I'm gonna write those down for myself. You're the bestest.

ptg said...

I just found this blog through another one, and I have to say - you are incredibly inspirational! Your posts have already got me motivated for the day and it's only 7am (granted, I've been up since 5:30am with the baby, but that's another story!).

I know you can do it, and those ABCs are fantastic. Keep up the hard work - it will pay off in the end.

RunningNan said...

Great to see you back at it! We are all in this together!

Ready Maid said...

THAT'S PATTIE!! The marvel of loving ourselves the way we so generously love others is often the first step to real freedom.

I've commented on other blogs that when we "write what we bite," it's the same sort of responsibility as keeping an accurate, up-to-date checkbook register.

Anybody want to confess now?

Sheri said...

Here in Canada, there was a a news story about how journaling food actually causes weight loss. I need to do that, but the habit never takes flight over the long term. I star over and over. I missed your meltdown, but I'm glad you got back up and pushed forward. I also like your ABC. Can I use this on and your images on my blog?

Kathy said...

Pattie...oh, shucks! I'm glad I brought you a little pleasure and today I wish we were really neighbors rather than the cyber variety, because I'd haul myself over to your side of the fence when no one was looking and have me one of those California tomatoes!!!

Nicole said...

You've made some excellent choices. Good for you for being able to get yourself back on track. There are plenty of people who aren't able to do that. In fact, in the past I've *been* that person, and I imagine you have, too.

But we're not "that person" any more. We've made positive changes that are, indeed LIFESTYLE changes. You're doing great, my dear. My WW leader used to say, "All it takes to get you back on program is to drink a glass of water. Boom! You're on program!"


Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today. That is the best compliment I have ever received, and the fact that it comes from such a wonderful, uplifting woman makes me bow my head in gratitude. Bless you, my dear friend.