Thursday, July 31, 2008

Maybe I'm Just Getting Old...

I am not one of those who in expressing opinions
confine themselves to facts. ~ Mark Twain

I've been thinking lately (a dangerous thing to do!) about a couple of things that bug me. Well, let's be honest: lots more than a couple of things bug me, but these happen to be in the front of my mind, so to speak. I'm going to put on my Andy Rooney hat for a moment because I'm kinda curious to see if anyone else shares my feelings.

Have you noticed how tricky spammers are getting lately?

Nobody likes SPAM mail. I've learned through the years to just delete it because as of this moment, I haven't found a way to stop it from getting in. 99% gets put into my Spam folder, so it's easy to pick out. But unfortunately, a lot of real email gets put there too, so I can't just blindly delete all of it. I have to sort the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

But the new trend I'm seeing is how well the spam mail is disguised. They're making it look like a politically-themed email. The older I'm getting, the more I'm getting into all things political, so I'm very interested in reading emails about the upcoming presidential race. So if the subject line references John McCain or Barack Omama, I open it...

... and find links to porn sites. Grrrr.

Now while many people might think politics and porn are the same thing, I don't. So stop sending me this junk, ok?

* * * * *

The other thing I want to rant about is not related to porn. It's about women's breasts (hmmm... maybe there is a tie-in.) :-)

Have you noticed that breasts are everywhere, displayed for all the world to see? Don't get me wrong: I love breasts. I happen to have two that I'm very fond of (even if they aren't as perky as they once were!) I think breasts are a beautiful thing and a great part of being a woman.

I just don't want to see them every time I turn around.

I went in to get my hair done last week, and my stylist greeted me wearing jeans and one of those spaghetti-strapped baby-doll tops. She looked fantastic: she's got a figure that I would kill for. She's also got a large, proud pair of ta-tas that were right there. The whole time she's coloring my hair and shampooing me, I kept my eyes closed. Seriously. Because I was sitting and she was standing, her girls were literally at eye level for me and frankly, it's hard to carry on a conversation when all you can see are breasts (and I'm a straight female. Imagine how flustered her poor male and lesbian clients feel!)

This trend to show more and more seems to be everywhere: in the mall, at restaurants. A few months back, hubby and I were having lunch at one of those places that has one continuous bench a long one wall, and small tables with a chair facing it. We were happily munching away when two young women were seated next to us. The gal facing me was lovely and very well-endowed -- and all I could see when I looked her way were her girls. I finally admitted to hubby that I couldn't help looking: they were so right there. Hubby calmly (and wisely) said, "I think that's what she's after - to be stared at."

Don't get me wrong. I'm not advocating that we go back to Victorian dress, when women were covered from head to toe. I'm truly not a prude, and I think if ya got 'em, flaunt 'em. But be choosy about when and around whom you do it, ladies. There's a time and a place for everything.

* * * * *

So there you have it. And now I'm curious: what are your thoughts? Am I just getting to be an old fart?

Maybe you shouldn't answer that last question!

Until next time...


The Calico Cat said...

O My gosh, your ta-ta post got me on 2 points...
Point A: I was at a quilt show (in general a bastion of women) I walked past a booth as a husband with his wife passed the same booth we both saw what you saw at the hair salon - he kind of looked at me almost puzzled & I said, "That is for you, not for us."

2nd, I am pregnant & the changes in that area are interesting to say the least. My husbands "breast size" ideas are primarily based upon plastic surgery TV where they show boob jobs & talk about breast sizes... I had to explain that in proportion, my boob are not the same as those even though the number/letter may lead you to think differently.

Manuela said...

You SO had me laughing out loud at your hairdresser story. I have a male friend who told me there is a "barbershop" for men where the girls are all like that and apparently not too many men hate it (although my friend still hasn't tried it out).

It's all about respect for yourself and others around you. Exhibitionists are just that--wanting attention for themselves and it's never positive.

And no, you're not an old fart!

Manuela said...

I have a hotmail account and get NO spam whatsoever (that's my personal account). And I NEVER open emails from anyone. If you're a business and need to contact me you've got my phone and snail mail address.

Deborah said...

I didn't set up a spam folder. I just delete anything that isn't from someone I know. I did used to get them a lot but would go to the bottom and click on "unsubscribe." Maybe you could check that out.

Good Golly Miss Molly. You, an old fart? Most definitely not!!!

Working in the school system I had to look at kids in those kinds of outfits. And I hated it then and sill do.

One funny thing happened. We were taking the class on a trip out of town and I told the boys and girls that I didn't want to see the 6 B's (Briefs, boxers, boobs, bellies, butts or bras) on this trip. I was commended by a parent chaperone on the trip for requiring a dress code. The funny part about it was that the mother was dressed just like you mentioned. My mouth just dropped.

Becky said...

How funny that you would post on this subject?!! It is one of my pet peeves lately and not just the case of boobs everywhere - it is also the bare bellies and rear end parts that should NEVER be exposed! I am amazed when I see the young high school aged girls dressed in a way that I consider way too provocative -- how did their Mom's/Dad's let them out of the house looking like that? And don't they worry what kind of people that mode of attire is attracting? I guess I'm old, too!

Rayann said...

I hate when women wear those kind of tops, I don't know where to look! It's hard to focus on the conversation. Not to sound full of myself,(because I am self conscious)I have big boobs and I try to cover them as much as possible. Sometimes it's hard thou.

RunningNan said...

Now that I just peed my pants from laughing.. It's time to get serious! I'm so with you on this. My other big thing is the thongs hanging out of the backs of pants. Don't people do the sit test? I sure as hell do. Oh, and if you are going to wear a bright yellow bra, please don't wear a thin white shirt!

Sheri said...

SPAM, I hate it too, that's why I use Yahoo mail. It filters fairly accurately. I occasionally go through the bulk just in case, but there have only been a couple that shouldn't be considered junk. Once I add those e-mail addresses to my address book its a non-issue.

The girls is an issue, just as short-short skirts. One at an airport not long ago had her butt cheeks below the hem line! Another lady apparel agitation are all those mushroom caps over the wasteband of pants. All I think is even one size bigger in clothes would look better. Most of the men I know find a decently dressed woman more attractive than those flaunting their boobs, butts and love handles. In fact, some find that a turn off.

Scale Junkie said...

I'll keep my tata's covered from now on Pattie :-) Seriously, I know exactly what you mean about people letting it all hang out.

As for the political emails, honestly I'd say stick to getting your info from trusted sources, emails tend to be "rumor" based and a bunch of made up crap or full of links to porn and virus or trojans.

Megan said...

To fellow blog readers: I wrote Pattie an email with my feelings and she thought it was so funny, I decided to be a ham and post for you all to hear my thoughts:

About the boob thing - they are everywhere and it is annoying. I wonder if men would still be so accepting if there were penises everywhere we looked instead of cleavage. They have no idea what its like for us! I still get shy around Dad in a bathingsuit. There is a time and a place to flaunt your flauntable areas. :)

Kathy said...

All of us ladies seem to be on our soapboxes today...must be the moon!

I love Spam...straight from the can and sliced and warmed in a pan until it is crispy around the edges and I haven't seen porn anywhere near...Oh! You mean that other SPAM! Nevermind!

My ta-ta's have been nothing but a nuisance since they went from a 36B to 40-longs!!!

Melinda said...

Working at a grocery store, I see everything. Lot of time you will find young African-American women wearing a white undershirt with nothing underneath. You know that they know that we can see everything. I can't even understand how they can walk around in the evenings without any support.

Carin said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I agree the spammers are getting sneaky but then they always have been. I bet that sitting with someones assets at eye level would be uncomforatable. I don't think it has anything to do with age and more to do with your sense of propriety.

Honi said...

that was a funny post.. I do agree .. way too much boobage out there.. but hey I guess they figure they got em they can flaunt em .. they are the ones that have to deal with whatever attention that brings..

new*me said...

you are not and old fart! It has always bugged me too! Even if mine were perky, I wouldn't flaunt them (out of the house anyway ;)

Nonna said...

Your not an old fart!!

I agree with you 100%!!

PEA said...

I haven't heard the word "ta-tas" in ages! hehe I really do agree with you on the "there's a time and a place" to wear clothing that practically exposes your breasts!! I think what upsets me the most is when I see young teen girls walking around in clothes that leave little to the imagination...with all the sick child molestors and such out there, I hate to say it but these girls are practically asking for it. I'm still giggling at the thought of you at the hairdresser...I think I would have kept my eyes closed as well! lol

As for spam mail, they are indeed getting smarter and I get a kick out of the ones that have the subject...Hi from Janet or whatever name...makes it sound so friendly! lol

Have a great weekend and see you when I get back:-) xoxo

Needled Mom said...

I, too, am very lucky to miss that spam mail. I have heard how bad some of those sites can be.

Like you....I am disgusted by the display of female anatomy. Summer seems to bring out the worst of it all. As my husband always says...."if they pay that much for them, they want to show the world that they got their money's worth." Hmmmm.

Cammy said...

We're about the same age, so no, you are not an old fart.

To be honest, if I could get me ta-ta's to point anywhere besides the floor, I would probably walk around with them pointing at everybody all the time. :)

Okay, no I wouldn't. But it would be nice to know I could...

Anonymous said...

Personally, I'm about ready to invest in a "mansseire," or a "bro." If anyone here is a Seinfeld fan, you'll know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Oh Patti, You are too much fun!

First, I adore your little spam photo. It's a shame the little guy couldn't be someone we could welcome with open arms. If only....I'm with you regarding the confusing emails! I get tons that have my name attached, as if we are long lost friends!

Now regarding "the girls". All I could think about was my nephew and his recent visit to have his hair cut. He called and recounted a similar story, except he told me that his stylist looked more like Beth, wifh of Dog, the Bounty Hunter. I just remember hearing him say "I'll be late for dinner because I have to go home and shower".

However, if I can look as good as Helen Mirrin does in a bikini at 63...well, I'll be showing em off too!

MizFit said...

if you are THEN I AM.

especially at the MALL where I look at the 'youngsters' and then immediately at my Toddler and husband and say:

NEVER. Id not let her out of the house like that!

**fartnoise methinks**

happy friday,


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. People today dont seem to know how to dress for what occasion. some people on "casual business" day wear things you would wear to a barbeque or to the beach. not work attire and they wonder why no one takes them seriously at work. Taking off your clothes gets you attention, but it may not be the attention to want.

Lora said...

Oh Patti I SO agree with you! When I wsa teaching high school there were times I was embarrassed to look at some of the girls! I don't know how thier parents let them out of the house with all that cleavage!

I went to a wedding last weekend and there was a gal there with so much showing I swear all the guys spent the entire evening waiting for her to lean over to see if one of her "girls" would fall out!

As for the spam mail - I never click on a link unless I know the source. I get about 10 a day on my yahoo account from people in third world countries who want to hide their "millions" in my banking accout if I would please give them the number. Now THAT ticks me off!

Erin said...

On my list of things I absolutely hate: The nickelodeon/disney kids. While I totally agree on your point about ta-ta's being everywhere, it's a shame the outfits these kids are wearing. Never will my children own anything from any of those characters.

You are not getting old, society as a whole is becoming more open to the madness!

Hootin' Anni said...

I will add you to the Bloggers Over 50 blog roll as soon as I comment.

First, I've for many many years noticed that boobies are everywhere [and hubby likes it]'s for me, personally, disgusting. I get tired of it...on billboards, on tv, in magazines, actually in live person some of these women think it's pretty? Still, I'm old fashioned enough to think exposing too much in public is not protocol. Some should be kept for the bedroom so to speak. Or at least the shower stall. LOL

And spam? Don't get me started.

Okay, I'll stop now, go add you to the blog roll and want to welcome you to the Bloggers Over 50! Hope you find some lasting friendships of bloggers 'our age'. My personal blog is open for visiting hours 24/7

Have a great weekend.

[oh and you may have to refresh your browser once I get over there to add you/your blog link to see you've been added!!]

jillytacy said...

You're not getting old! I have to agree with you on this.. less is more and you don't have to show off your body to be appreciated and get attention. Try another tactic, like using your brain and personality!
I love Deborah's comment about the 6B's. I think that kids, teens and young adults have it all wrong when it comes to fashion these days. When I see a young girl dressed scantily I wonder where are her parents and how did they let her leave the house dressed like that! To get on a soap box for a minute, I think a lot of this stems from our media, sex is sold to kids every day in magazines, video games, TV, bill boards, EVERYWHERE! No wonder they feel the need to dress like this...our society is telling them they should! How wrong is that!!! Parents need to monitor what kids see and teach kids to respect themselves and make healthy decisions for themselves. OK, I'm off the soap box now.
Spammers stink! How would they like to get tons of unwanted e-mail!

Brooke Lorren said...

I avoid spam in my personal box by using a box trapper. Everybody that wants to get through to me either has to be on my whitelist or they have to click on a link to prove that they are a real human. I get a few spammers through, but it might be one a month.

I think that people should cover up too, so you're not alone.

Gene Black said...

I agree with needled_mom's husband. I think they paid so much for them they are trying to get maximum mileage. As a man, I find it offensive too.

I do remember a male teacher in school who all the kids called "Mr Right Pocket" because of the ..uh..protrusion there. He also put his right hand in his pocket a bit too frequently. He was the laughingstock of the students.... i.e., I don't think that was the type attention he really wanted.

Have people forgotten that leaving something to the imagination is far more enticing?