Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Future's So Bright...

If I could wish for my life to be perfect,
it would be tempting but I would have to decline,
for life would no longer teach me anything.
~ Allyson Jones

I gained 1/2 pound last night at weigh in, and I'm ok with that. I know I'm losing: my clothes feel so much looser. One lesson I learned from successfully losing weight once is that the scale is not always the best indicator of how I'm truly doing. It's simply feedback. As the leader of my private weight loss group always says, "The scale is evil and fickle!" Amen to that!

But we had an interesting discussion last night that's been running through my head today. This question was posed to each of us:

If you had to choose an object that represented your future,
what would it be?

It’s an interesting question, don't you think?

The very first thing that came to my mind, without even thinking, was the sun. Why? The sun represents my future because I believe my future is very bright.

I thought after the meeting that the others might have found my answer to be a bit egotistical. It isn’t at all. I don’t think I'm going to cure cancer, or win the lottery, or become the next superstar from American Idol.

But my future feels very bright to me because I'm finally - finally! - beginning to feel at peace with myself.

If you had asked me this question 18 months ago, I would have had a very different response. That was a hard time for me... I had gained back the weight I worked so hard to lose (I was fat!), I was turning 50 (I was old!), and I was finding that my life-long dream of being in business for myself really wasn’t going to work for me (I was a loser!) I felt that I’d let myself down in so many ways. My future felt very dark and unfulfilling.

I guess that’s where the image of the sun comes in. It’s shining once again, and illuminating the path ahead. It's taken me 18 months but I now know that I have many gifts that I can share without being thin, or young, or in business for myself. There is a great sense of peace that comes from knowing you’re not going to be the world’s greatest anything – you’re just going to be who you are, and that’s enough!

Because I’m the curious type, let me pose the same question to you (Leslie, if you’re reading this, I hope you’ll post your wonderful answer from last night!):

If you had to choose an object that represented your future,
what would it be – and why?

Until next time...


new*me said...

An umbrella because I know it's going to rain from time to time, but instead of crying over the "raindrops", I plan to welcome the rain and dance through it with my umbrella!

carla said...

careful what you wish for pattie.

I shall remind you of *everything* come maintaining time!

and you KNOW your scale musings above totally made my day.



PEA said...

We do tend to be our own worst enemies when it comes to confidence so I'm glad to see that you're finally learning to feel at peace with yourself and realize that the future is BRIGHT for you:-) The scale and I are not on speaking terms right now so it's not coming out of the cupboard for a while yet. lol All it does is break my bubble if it shows me I haven't lost any weight after being good all week. As you say, you can tell by other ways that you're losing weight...I find my clothes start to feel looser, from losing inches and not weight if I've been exercising.

Now as to your question...what object do I see that represents my future? A suitcase!!!! I want to travel a lot...after being agrophobic for 11 years, I'm now enjoying being able to go out and travel and just enjoy life. I want that to continue in my future:-) xoxo

Chubby Chick said...

Choosing the sun was totally appropriate, Pattie... because you certainly brighten up "Blogland." :)

Hmmm... my symbol would probably be a question mark... because I have no idea what the future holds... nor do I really know what I WANT it to hold.

Susan said...

My symbol would be a pretty shell because I want to live by the sea. I know it's going to happen, too. I have faith. I love things from nature: shells, rocks, driftwood, the ocean, leaves, animals, etc.

Deborah said...

What a heart warming blog. You, my friend, have it all together. I never cease to be at awe at your insight.

Hmmmmm, I gotta ponder that question a bit...A butterfly. I feel that I've gone through all the stages:

A catterpillar with my first marriage, where I was just inching long in life not knowing where I was supposed to go or what I was supposed to be.

A chrysalas with my second marriage, where I felt safe and secure with a man that encouraged me to grow.

And finally a butterfly, where now that I'm a widow I am going to have to spread my wings and learn to soar on my own. And with the healthier life style I'll be able to soar as high as I want.

CactusFreek said...

Hi :o)
Good on you for having such an awesome attitude about having a gain. It is only a bit and anything coulda caused it as our bodies are complicated things.

The sun is an intoresting choice, and quite a good one :o)

Manuela said...

That ain't bad at all. Did you visit the potty first? Haha, I always remember the line before weighins for the WC.

Now as for an object, I'm afraid my painkillers are kicking in so I'll have to come back at a less fuzzy time :)

RunningNan said...

So weird.. I just read this after my post today. I think it's mighty contagious!

Kelli said...

I love your answer, Pattie! You are such a bright and caring person...the sun is a perfect choice for you!
P.s. Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment on my giveaway post!

Needled Mom said...

I love your answer, Pattie. It fits you perfectly. I'd have a tough time coming up with just one answer. Guess I will have to think on that one.

The 50s are the best years. I am hoping that the 60s are as good because I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Have a great weekend. Hugs.

JC said...

Wow, Pattie, the sun is a great answer for you and that you came up with it immediately is right on. Glad you have the weight loss thing in perspective. I can't answer the question myself. I'll have to think about it when I'm not at work. I love Deborah's answer of a butterfly. and New*me answer.

Oh, CANDLES, love them especially Yankee candles. I love the black one but I can't think of the name Midnight something or other. Very sensual scent.

jovaliquilts said...

Happy sunshine!

I think I'd choose an open door.

ptg said...

What a great question!

For me, I'd say the ocean. It's always changing but is always beautiful to me. :o)

Megan said...

I've actually thought about this one for a few days. And not to sound hoakey, but for some reason, a budding flower comes to mind. I think its more about a hopeful outlook toward the future that I've hit a new starting point and I hope that when I bloom, my life is a pretty as a blossomed flower!

Now if I could just come up with an Alaska excel spreadsheet joke.. ;)

Lora said...

hmmm...perhaps it wouldn't so much be an object but a picture. Of a peaceful old farmhouse out in the country somewhere. Not that I plan on moving to one (though I'd love to) but because it represents simplicity. And that's how I see my future. Getting simpler and not so gunked up with stuff or ideas that don't really matter. As I grow older I'm realizing that what other people think - what other people have - doesn't really matter all that much anymore. I'm just me and that's becoming totally okay these days.

Thanks goodness that with age comes wisdom, eh?

lahodges said...

Sorry, Pattie, it was a very busy week for me and I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading.

At the meeting I said "a lake". Because there are times when a lake seems stagnant, but it is truly constantly changing, even if you can't see it. Not only the lake itself, but everything around it: the seasons, life, etc.

Plus, lakes always seem to serene to me. And that's what I'd like to have in my future: serenity. :)