Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life Goes On

How lucky I am to have something
that makes saying goodbye so hard.
~ Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

My oldest stepdaughter Katie is settled into her new home in San Jose. She's pictured above with her boyfriend Devin, in front of the house they're renting. It's a cute place, perfect for them for now.

It felt like a long drive home, knowing that the house would be empty when we got here. But I was looking forward to making one stop along the way. We pulled off in Arroyo Grande, so I could visit my favorite little store, Susan Branch's Heart of the Home.

Guess what? They're closed on Sundays!

I stood outside with my nose pressed against the window, looking at all the lovely items I couldn't buy (which was probably for the best, given my melancholy mood!) The store is three hours away from my home, so it's not like I can go there whenever it strikes my fancy. I was so disappointed.

So it felt all the more special yesterday when I found at my door a package from my "sister" Marci:

She had sent this charming book by Susan Branch, filled with recipes and Branch's darling illustrations and stories. It's out-of-print, but Marci found a copy and knew I would cherish it. I've been taking my time, reading it slowly and savoring every page. Thank you, Sis!

So now that the move is over, life goes on...

I did some grocery shopping yesterday. The young man placed my purchases into plastic bags and I happily headed out to my car. I opened my trunk and what did I see?


I swear, sometimes I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached. So now I have a cloth bag on the passenger seat of my car, to remind me to take the darn things into the store next time I go.

Katie may have moved out, but her stepmom still has a memory like Swiss cheese!

Until next time...


RunningNan said...

awww.. hugs from me!

Don't worry... I have those too and forget to use them. I have them for a different store than I normally go to, and I think it would be rude to use GE bags at Heinens!

Cammy said...

What a delightful and timely gift!

I'm good with the grocery story, but I keep leaving my canvas bags at home when I'm going shopping at Target. Practice, practice, practice....

Have a great week!

JC said...

I'm new to your site but just have to leave you a comment about the cloth bags. I did leave one of those cloth bags on my front seat under my purse for months and never picked it up when going into the store. I hope you do better than I have. Have a great day. Love your site.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I do that all the time. I've got several reusable shopping bags myself that I forget. Oh well, there's always more shopping to do and more chances to use them.

Manuela said...

What a cute little shop! I love "girlie" stores like that.

I hope your daughter and her boyfriend have many good memories in store at their new home. Is she getting a quilt for a housewarming? :)

Susie said...

Hi Pattie,
Looks like a cute little house they've found! Susan Branch is one of my favorites too. My calendar this year is by her and too, too, cute!
I haven't made it to her store yet, but my daughter went last yr and bought me a few goodies.
Thanks for your well wishes on my foot.

Katschi said...

I leave my green boxes and cloth bags in the car, too.
Your story is bittersweet...you have done a good job raising a daugher so she can go out into the world and make a life for herself. The problem is that they go out into the world and make a life for themselves!
You'll have a nice place to go visit, though.

Deborah said...

I know the move of your stepdaughter is bitter sweet. You hate to see her go but you probably raised her to be independant and are glad that you gave her that.

What great timing of the gift from "sis."

Elaine Adair said...

I forgot them also. Duhhhh

Nicole said...

That is exactly how I "trained" myself to use canvas bags. After a while, it will be effortless for you.

Your step-daughter's house looks great. What an exciting step in her life!

jovaliquilts said...

With your step-daughter gone, there's a free seat in the front of your car, perfect for the grocery bags! If I don't put mine there, they don't make it into the grocery store.

My kids are all grown, but there are small compensations, too, which I'm sure you'll find in time.

Ready Maid said...

What a precious tribute to your relationship. Thanks for sharing the family hug.

Midlife Mom said...

Don't feel bad, I forget what I did ten minutes ago! Maybe my memory took off with yours and many other gals, it seems like we all are in the same boat.

Saying goodbye is hard but she will be back for many visits I'm sure!