Friday, October 3, 2008

Time Flies

You must have been warned against letting the
golden hours slip by; but some of them are golden
only because we let them slip by. ~ J.M. Barrie

First, I have to thank everyone who entered the drawing for the Thimbleberries quilting book. I'm a bit overwhelmed with the response, but promise that all of those who left a comment on why they love quilts will be entered in the drawing. Thank you for stopping by!

Second, click on the photo above and look closely. It's a fabric clock, and the face is made of sewing implements! Isn't that clever? I found it on a fun website I want to explore in more detail called Fiber Artists at Loose Ends. Boy, there are such creative people in this world of ours!

* * * * *

But now I have a question...

Who stole September? Where did it go?

For that matter, where has this year gone? Isn't it still March, with the whole year ahead of us? How can it be October already??

I had my annual physical this week and my doctor and I were talking about this idea that time flies by faster, the older we get. He said he has a clear memory of sitting in elementary school one day, where classes let out at 3:00. It was 2:45 and he was watching the clock slowly move. Dr. W. said he distinctly remembers the minutes just crawling by, as if those hands would never reach 3:00. It took an eternity for 15 minutes to pass.

Now, he says he blinks and another month has gone by.

I agree completely.

What is it about this feeling of time speeding up the older we get? Is it because our days are just more full now, with several to-do's and have-to's on our list? Or does time become more precious as we age because we realize that we have more time behind us than in front of us?

I don't know that I can explain the phenomenon, but it sure is real.

I'm working very hard to stay conscious of the days so they don't slip by in a blur. I didn't do so well in September, probably because we were gone for half the month in Alaska, then my dear cousin came for a visit. I relished every minute of both events, but before I knew it, it was time to change the calendars and pull out the Halloween decorations. Of course, my sense of time distortion is not helped at all by the fact that the stores already have Christmas decorations out. (I'm the queen of Christmas and revel in the season, but this is ridiculous!)

There's an old expression about living in the moment: not wasting time fretting over the past or worrying about the future. I want to work on this area -- to really savor each hour of my life because they're disappearing so quickly.

Many of us have blogged recently about all the things we love about autumn. So let's take time to really enjoy every minute of October this year. Smile when you see the leaves falling, and laugh at the kids jumping into a freshly-raked pile. Heck, go jump in one yourself! Enjoy a warm cup of tea or hot cocoa when the afternoon turns chilly. Treat yourself to a cozy knitted scarf or mittens, in your favorite fall colors.

Let's savor these days of autumn before they disappear!

Until next time...


Linds said...

I am also suffering from the "who stole time" thing here - and I completely agree that time speeds up as we get older! Sigh. Your advice to relish every moment is excellent - and I intend doing just that! Have a great weekend!

Felicia said...

That clock is so cool!!

I hear you about "time flying". Its insane that its already October. Heck the 1st week of October is just about over already. How does this happen?

I am so trying to follow your advice though. Enjoying the small moments as well as the large. Time may not stand still but we can at least enjoy it as it flies by!

Have a great day!

new*me said...

so wonderful Pattie :) October is just too great of a month to not savor it. I have planned a big party for all the Sept. birthdays in my family (7 total) at the park Sunday. I got to thinking today,it's not about how much I can put into the party. It's about keeping it simple so we can ALL just enjoy eachother. So simple it is.......

Pizza/fruit and veg tray

painting pumpkins
free play at the park

I want to enjoy my loved ones. I don't want to stress about all the little things.

Needled Mom said...

I do think that time becomes more precious as we age. It is amazing how quickly it goes.

I had a wonderful time at lunch yesterday. It was great to catch up again.

The halloween decorations are slowly getting up and I know it will be time to decorate for Christmas before we know it. YIKES!

Have a great weekend. Oh....I love the clock. I'll have to check out the site. Hugs.

JC said...

Great post. Love the fabric clock.

Hanlie said...

I know! We're going out with friends tonight and realized last night that we haven't seen them since October last year!

Susan said...

When I was 16, and summer afternoons on the porch lasted forever, my mother told me that as I got older, time would go faster. I guess it isn't a new phenomenon. As long as I worked, it was only summer that flew. Now that I'm retired, it's all the time. LOL!

Deborah said...

This is a wonderful post (as all of yours are anyway) but I think this one hit closer to home. I feel exactly the same. And I think it is because there aren't as many days ahead of me as there are behind me. I keep thinking of the age my Mother was when she died and if I follow suit I only have 10 left. That's a depressing thought so I try to stay away from it as much as I can. I'v decided to enjoy the time I have left and do exactly what I want to do not what someone else wants me to do.

Wendy said...

Pattie -- we are kindred spirits. I loved this post -- beautifully written. These things have been on my mind a lot lately. Thanks for sharing the pictures, your thoughts, and all those lovely quotes!

I tagged you for a meme. Come over and play.

Kelli said...

I can't believe September is gone either. I hope October goes by slowly since it is my favorite month. :0)

wonderwoman said...

that was a lovely post and i know exactly what you mean - my 'baby' is now 18 - where did all that go - and i love christmas but hate that the shops have stuff in from about september!


carla said...

seriously about september.

although I did walk around ALL DAY TODAY thinking it was oct 2nd.
wrote it on checks.
the whole nine.

so I got an extra day of september I guess.

Im thankful :)

Kathy said...

Love the clock! And now I must warn you that remarking about time slipping away is one of the first signs of growing...oh, I hate to say it...old!!! That and losing my excellent vision were what convinced me that I was well on my way. a friend...I warn you...iksnay on the "time flyingsnay" before it is too late!!!

jillytacy said...

Time really does fly! I think it has to do with getting older and having sooo much you have to do. We lose the freedom kids have to just be in the moment and enjoy. Wouldn't it be great if we could all try to get that back even for a little bit!

Cookie Sunshine said...

Pattie, You are so right. We should try to enjoy every moment of October. It's such a wonderful month and it will be gone just as quickly as September...just that quick.

So, if the universe is really expanding at an accelerating rate, is it possible that time really is flying faster and faster? Hmmmm....

grammy said...

Talking about getting old...I thought I was loosing it as I stared at the XOX on Felicia's comment. The eyes blink. lol Time does march on. I try to grab it and squeeze out every tiny drop of goodness I can. Like holding my one year old graddaughter and walking around the back yard letting her touch everything she wanted to...kissing her head and cheek as we went. I know I loved my kids, but why was I in such a HURRY.

nmburleson said...

I would love to know where September went. It's going by sooo fast! Faster since I've had my son. The last 4 years...POOF!

Somebody once told me that time seems to go by faster as we get older because we have more memories and more experiences in our brains...don't know if that's why but I guess it could be?

Midlife Mom said...

You are SO RIGHT! Who stole September? If you find out will you let me know? Some times I just wish I had a way of putting the brakes on time as it just flies by so quickly. I think of my grand kids who are now both in school and I wonder where did those years go? I was holding a baby tonight at a birthday party and thought to myself that my grands should be this size! Yes, excellent point, we should enjoy every minute and not waste one of them! You always have such wonderful posts!! xoxo

Kathy said...

My mother always said as you get older time goes by faster. I so thought she was crazy for saying such a thing. Wow, was she right! Where did the summer go?

Scale Junkie said...

That clock is so creative!

I have no idea who stole September, I'm certain its the same person who stole 2007 too!