Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's a Privilege

A citizen of America will cross the ocean to fight
for democracy, but won't cross the street to
vote in a national election. ~Bill Vaughan

I'm a political person. I have very strong opinions about who should be elected president in November (ask my hubby: he supports the other guy!) But I keep that side of me out of my blog because - well - I just want this space to be about the positive things in life. And right now, politics isn't very positive.

But I have to put in a pitch for something about which I feel extremely passionate: getting registered and voting.

I just signed up to work a polling place on November 4th. I'm doing it as part of the American Association of University Women, so several of us in our branch will be there as volunteers. I wanted to take the 10-2 shift, but help wasn't needed at that time. So I instead volunteered for the morning shift, starting at 6:00 AM.

You gotta know how strongly I feel about this issue if I'm willing to be up and at 'em at that hour!

I know that it sounds so corny, but I can't help thinking of the people who came before us, who fought long and hard for the privilege to vote. And it is a privilege! Think of all the countries around the world ruled by dictators and tyrants, where free elections are only the stuff of dreams. The young man I tutor can't vote: he's a convicted felon and it's one of the rights he lost when he was sentenced to prison.

There's a great deal of apathy in our country, which stems from a feeling that we can't make a difference in Washington. I always hear talk of "the government did this," or "the government did that." What we've all seemed to have forgotten is that the government is US: you and me and our neighbors and co-workers.

So if you haven't done so already, get registered to vote (check here for the deadline in your state) then get to the polls on November 4th. I'm not much into exercising lately, but I will exercise my right to vote! I hope you're planning to do the same.

Until next time...


Susie said...

Hi Pattie,
I didn't know they had volunteers in the polling places. Here they are paid workers and for many years my Mom and I worked the same precinct.
I'd still be doing it, except I can't see the really fine print they use on the printouts anymore..
I agree with you 100% that it is vital that we exercise our right to vote!

Wendy said...

Well said. We are the opposite of apathetic. We're counting down the days until we can vote. We are also counting down the days until all the campaign negativity is done! LOL

Deborah said...


I gotta go vote so I can cancel out my neighbor's vote. Unless she comes around and decides to vote for the right person.

Kathy said...

Far less apathy this year, thank goodness! I've been working on getting people registered and supporting my favorite with donations...the first time I've done that in my 59 years! Thanks for the post!

Cammy said...

Great post, as always, Pattie! This election has me more riled up than usual. I've donated to candidates (first time ever and the last time I give them my real email address *g*) and I'm considering going up to Missouri for some get-out-the-vote campaign assistance.

Patti said...

I agree with you! In fact, one of my co-workers just became a U.S. citizen last year and I asked her last week if she was registered to vote, and she said no! I got on to her good! LOL She went on her lunch hour and registered! Today she held up her voters registration card for me to see! I told her I was proud of her and that she better use it!

Great post!!

PEA said...

All I can say is that I don't envy you Americans this election!! lol I'm in Canada and yet it's all we hear about on television, the upcoming US elections. We are having a Federal election in October and I always exercise my right to vote BUT I feel like a hypocrite because I don't trust ANY politician! Sigh. xoxo

tas said...

i've been out of blogger land for awhile but just had to stop by and catch up. your alaska pics are WONDERFUL! what a treat! thank you for sharing them.
as far as voting...we just don't have any clue how good we have it in this country. it doesn't take traveling very far into the third world to get it in focus REAL FAST!

new*me said...

thanks for reminding us!

MaryUniqueBoutique.etsy.com said...

You have a great blog. I look forward to reading it

grammy said...

Good post and way to stay positive. We are all going to vote around here (well, my family) It is exciting for sure.

nmburleson said...

Well said! Great post!

RunningNan said...

Wow. THere was a big story yesterday on the news (imagine how much TV I've watched in the past 5 weeks!) about people in cleveland voting early. INSANE! I'll think of you when I run by the board of elections next week!

carla said...


Im opinionated too but really more just want people to GIT OUT AND VOTE!

for whom ever they choose.

jillytacy said...

You're right the right to vote is taken for granted. I hope that everyone will register and vote this year. You can't change anything if you don't even vote!